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Fleshjack Pink Bottom Speed Bump

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Fleshjack Pink Bottom Speed Bump

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With it's ultra textured interior alongside Fleshjack's unique, gay-centered styling, amazingly realistic looks plus the ability to adjust the level of suction, the Pink Bottom is a true classic for man loving pleasure seekers.

This version of Fleshjack's incredibly popular toy for boys features a super realistic anal opening with lots of detail. As for the feel of the soft pink sleeve, you'll have to experience it to believe it, because the Superskin material goes far beyond ordinary simulated skin. It's elastic and smooth, and warms to the touch, or you can soak the sleeve in warm water before using for some extra heat. The inner walls of the sleeve, textured in the intense Speed Bump pattern, offers tons of intense stimulation, long rows of sft, raised nubs cling and massage with each thrust into the Bottom.

You'll be able to adjust how tightly the sleeve grips you on the downstroke by loosening or tightening the cap on the bottom of the casing, this easily adds yet another level of pleasure to your Fleshjack lovefest.

The design really is perfect for self-pleasure and self-training, the body is styled like a traditional flashlight that not only looks discreet; it makes for a natural and comfortable grip; you could also wedge the body between couch cushions or pillows to be used hands-free.

Superskin material is built to last, and it'll keep you satisfied for a long time to come if cared for properly.

You should never use soap on the insert of your Fleshjack, a rinse with warm water works for most cleaning jobs, for tougher ones, try a little isopropyl alcohol.

It's important to let the insert dry completely before storing it away.

Something to note is that all Fleshlight sleeves require a LOT of lube for the best possible experience and your as safety and comfort, so make sure to stock up before your session.

Water-based lube works very well with this type of sleeve, you should never use an oil based lube, it can break down the material.

Try out a Bottom, you'll become an instant believer in this amazing toy for men.