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Fun Factory Fun Cup Size B

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Fun Factory Fun Cup Size B

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Imagine the heaviest day of your period. Now, imagine that it's the heaviest day of your period and you just realised that you're out of tampons.

Never want to be in that predicament again? The Fun Cup Size B is the larger size of our two body-friendly silicone menstrual cups. for up to 12 hours of protection. You can wash and reuse it for years, and each package comes with two cups, so you can keep one at home and take one with you on the go.

Which size do i want?
Not sure if you should go big? Here are some guidelines on picking your cup - with the caveat that every body is different and there's no perfect formula for sizing. If you're not sure what size you want, we recommend the Explore kit.

Size A - Smaller (5,3cm; 4cm; 20ml)
Firmer silicone for greater control when placing and adjusting a smaller cup.
Ideal for: lighter flow, women who'd prefer a smaller cup, are younger that 30 or / and who haven't given vaginal birth.

Size B - Larger (5,8cm; 4,3cm; 30ml)
Softer silicone for a comfortable fit that holds a heavy flow without feeling intrusive.
Ideal for: Heavy flow, women who are over 30 years old and or have given vaginal birth.

Explore Kit (1 Size A & 1 Size B)
Ideal for: Women who aren't sure about their size, someone who wants one cup for heavy days and one for lighter days.

There are so many ways for your period to interrupt your life; when you realise at an inconvenient moment that you need to change your tampon or pad, when you run out of supplies and need to make a last-minute shopping trip, when you go to throw away a use tampon and realise the bathroom has no wastebasket, and so on. Let's not even get into what happens when your dog gets into the bathroom trash.

The Fun Cup simplifies things. Each packet comes with two cups, so you can keep one at home and take one on the go. When your cup fills up, just empty it, wash it, and pop it right back in. If you're in a public restroom ad you don't want to wash it in full view. just wipe it out with a little toilet paper, and then enjoy up to twelve more hours of protection. It's body-safe silicone won't absorb bacteria, so you don't have to stress about how long it stays in your body.